Keeping It Cool: Difference Between Sub-Zero and Regular Refrigerators

Keeping It Cool: Difference Between Sub-Zero and Regular Refrigerators

What’s the Difference Between Sub-Zero and Regular Refrigerators?

As the world goes into uncertainty in a post-pandemic economy, one product is still championed – fresh food. The industry is expected to see a growth of 2.4% from 2021 through 2023. That is a lot of fresh food finding its way to cool storage. Every home needs a fridge, but not every home has a sub-zero fridge.

What is the difference between sub-zero and regular refrigerators? Well, a lot and they are not only cooler refrigerators (yes, pun intended). Sub-Zero refrigerators are in an entire class of their own. Keep reading and we will tell you all about what it is like to own what many say is the ultimate fridge.

Difference Between Sub-Zero and Regular Refrigerators

The kitchen is the most popular room in the home. For anyone that appreciates the joys of preparing and consuming all sorts of fresh food, the kitchen is not just a room but a way of life. The Sub-Zero refrigerator was designed with the same passion a chief has for the kitchen and then they put a cherry on top.

Fully Customizable

When you purchase a regular refrigerator, you go to an appliance store and you pick out a fridge that will fit your kitchen. When you purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator your kitchen and fridge become one. There is a reason they are considered luxury appliances and it’s not only the price tag.

Sub-Zero fridges are designed to not only compliment your kitchen but are literally built into the kitchen’s décor. The size and shape of the fridge are carefully measured to not waste any space and blend in perfectly with the surrounding cabinets and drawers. There are endless configurations and styles of doors and drawers to choose from giving Sub-Zero fridges that personal touch.

Dual Refrigeration

On the more practical side of the regular refrigerators vs sub-zero refrigerators comparison is the cooling system itself. Most fridges regulate temperature using the same evaporator and compressor for all compartments.

Sub-Zero refrigerators incorporate separate compressors to cool the freezer and refrigerator compartments separately. Each compartment sealed off from one another stops cross-contamination and makes for highly efficient and accurate temperature control.

Built-in Air Purification

Regular fridges are all too often turned into Petri dishes of mold, viruses, and bacteria. In order to keep your food fresh longer and your fridge air healthy and clean, Sub-Zero fridges have built-in antimicrobial air scrubbers. The engineers at Sub-Zero understand the importance of keeping the air clean to keep food and drink healthy.

The Best for You and Your Food

Keeping It Cool: Difference Between Sub-Zero and Regular Refrigerators

These are only a few of the major differences you will enjoy when upgrading to a Sub-Zero fridge. The difference between sub-zero and regular refrigerators is easy to see but perhaps the biggest difference is how it will make you feel. A great refrigerator doesn’t create happiness but it certainly helps keep your kitchen an environment that is best suited to store it. 

Are you already a proud owner of a Sub-Zero refrigerator? Then read this article to learn how to keep your fridge like new for years to come.

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