Preventative Maintenance, Extend The Lifespan of Your Sub Zero Fridge

4 Preventative Maintenance Tips, Extend The Lifespan of Your Sub Zero Fridge

Maintenance Habits for Extending the Lifespan of your Sub Zero Fridge

Preventative Maintenance, Extend The Lifespan of Your Sub Zero Fridge

Expensive sub-zero refrigerator repairs do not just happen instantly. They are a result of not taking the time to properly maintain your fridge. This is why it’s imperative that you, as a homeowner, do preventative maintenance if you want to extend the lifespan of your sub-zero fridge and avoid costly repairs down the road. 

It is recommended that maintenance is done every six months. Preventative maintenance habits must also be practiced not just to extend the lifespan of the fridge but to also maximize its efficiency. 

While refrigerators are sturdy appliances, they are also delicate. They need constant care for it to last. Below are helpful habits that will let you keep your sub-zero fridge for several years.  

Do Not Overstock Your Fridge

It’s not a good idea to overstock your fridge with food as it’s going to work harder to regulate its temperature. As a result, your fresh groceries or meat may not last its intended shelf life. Also, overstocking will put an unwanted strain on the refrigerator’s compressor. Eventually, it will lead to overheating. 

Make it a habit to store just enough food inside so air can freely circulate and you are not straining the fridge. Always remove food that has expired to make room for fresh groceries or meat. 

Regularly Clean the Condenser Coils

Your fridge heavily relies on the condenser coils for providing air and removing heat. It has to be regularly cleaned or dust and debris will accumulate. When it’s covered with dirt, it will not effectively dissipate heat. Your compressor will work harder as a result. Also, your utility bills may skyrocket if you put too much stress on the fridge’s compressor. 

To remedy this, schedule regular cleaning of your condenser coils. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure you are doing it properly. Be as gentle as possible and use only the right cleaning materials to avoid damage to the coils. 

Clean Your Sub Zero Fridge Frequently

To make sure your fridge is free of unexpired food and dirt, clean them frequently. Both inside and out. It’s also best to do deep cleaning of your fridge. Ideally, you should clean them every two weeks or as you deem necessary. Regular cleaning avoids costly repairs and extends the lifespan of your fridge. 

Change the Water Filters Every Six Months

Water Filters are a fragile feature as it ensures that ice is free of contaminants. Regularly changing it also prevents a buildup of sediment in your refrigerator’s pipes. Do this if you don’t want your fridge to work harder than it should. 

Check with your manufacturer or the manual to know which water filter you need for your fridge. You may be able to directly get them from your manufacturer. 

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