Is Your Fridge Ailing? Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County, FL

Is Your Fridge Ailing? Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County, FL

Palm Beach County Fridge Problems

Have you noticed the food in your refrigerator doesn’t seem quite as cold as it should be? It could be more than just an annoyance. You may have a potential health issue lurking in your lukewarm fridge. The refrigerator temperature must stay at a specific temperature, allowing food to stay cold enough to avoid spoilage or food poisoning

Before you toss out your fridge or spend the money on a new one, consider Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County. Most often, a repair gets your fridge cooling properly without the expense of replacing it! Here’s what you need to know.

Is Your Fridge Ailing? Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County, FL

Proper Food Storage Helps Prevent Illness

Your refrigerator isn’t just a place for your favorite magnets or your child’s artwork.

A refrigerator must maintain temperatures below a specific threshold to maintain the safety of your food. Many cases of foodborne illness could be easily avoided with a fridge that cools appropriately. 

The FDA recommends storing cold foods at a refrigerator temperature of 40° F or below. Your freezer should maintain a temperature of at least 0° F. When your refrigerator or freezer fails to maintain those temperatures; your food stays too warm. Warm food is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that leads to foodborne illness. 

Maintain Your Fridge

There are a few things you can do if you suspect your food isn’t cold enough. Don’t wait until you get sick! As soon as you notice your leftovers or a carton of milk feeling warmer than usual, take action. 

  • Keep it full—but not too full. A full fridge operates at optimal “coolness” levels. However, an overpacked fridge can cause your refrigerator to burn out. 
  • Allow room to breathe. Take full advantage of the space in your fridge! Give cold air a chance to circulate to make sure everything stays cool enough, no matter where it is in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid the vents. Make sure you don’t pack food too tightly around the vents. This blocks airflow and can cause your fridge to burn out. If some food is too cold and other food is too warm, make sure your vents have plenty of space around them. 

If none of those things help your refrigerator keep its cool, it’s time to call for a repair.

Repair, Don’t Replace!

The right maintenance or repair can keep you from wasting money on a new refrigerator. Today’s fridges aren’t cheap! It’s worth it to save money and extend the life of your refrigerator with the right experts and quality repair. 

Choose Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County!

Don’t risk your health! Keep your refrigerated food cool with Sub-Zero Repair, Palm Beach County. The HR Appliance team has years of experience with all kinds of refrigerator issues, from uneven cooling to lukewarm temps or a fridge that doesn’t cool at all. 

Before you toss your food and your fridge, let our technicians take a look! We offer service and repairs for sub-zero refrigerators, freezers, drawers, wine, and beverage coolers. Contact us to schedule an appointment! We provide 24-hour emergency service.

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