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Why Are Sub Zero Fridges So Expensive?

Do You Ask, “Why Are Sub Zero Refrigerators So Expensive”?

The average cost of a refrigerator in the U.S. is $1500. Sub Zero refrigerators cost $7,500 and more depending on model, size, and configuration.

So why are Sub Zero refrigerators so expensive? More importantly, why should you consider buying one, and are they worth the price?

What Are Sub Zero Refrigerators?

Sub Zero is a refrigeration and kitchen appliance company that has been leading the designer and high-end market for more than 75 years.

They design and build refrigerators, freezers, wine storage, and other appliance options that can be integrated into any residential or commercial kitchen for a seamless look and unmatched quality.

Whether you have unique needs involving your kitchen space, your fresh food habits, or your storage needs, Sub Zero is one brand that has proven it can meet your needs.

What Sets Sub Zero Fridges Apart? 

Why Are Sub Zero Fridges So Expensive?

Sub Zero fridges not only look like no other refrigerator brand, but they also have some features that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the first innovations Sub Zero introduced was the dual compressor system. Separate compressors for the fridge and freezer sections of these machines keep food fresher longer.

Sub Zero also offers a variety of sizes, depths, and styles that are not widely available in other brands. These options allow completely integrated refrigerator options that don’t stand out or stick out in your kitchen.

These fridges also have built-in anti-microbial air scrubbers. They are designed to keep their interior and your food clean and healthy.

Sub Zero has also patented a vacuum seal system on their refrigerator doors that creates an airtight seal on all four sides of each door. This allows for the best possible temperature control and keeps food fresher longer.

Why Are Sub Zero Fridges so Expensive?

So, as to the question, “why are Sub Zero fridges so expensive,” I hope we have provided you a few answers. But before this article ends, let us state that among the benefits we have shared with you, note that Sub Zero fridges have an extended life expectancy past other brand refrigerators. On average, typical refrigerators last about 10 years. These fridges are designed to last 20 years or more.

Sub Zero spares no expense on their parts or materials to provide a product that is headache-free.

When you consider the parts’ quality, the intentional design features meant to keep your food fresh, clean, and healthy, and the unlimited customizability of these refrigerators, Sub Zero refrigerator prices start to make sense. 

Who Needs a Sub Zero Fridge?

High-end refrigerators are certainly not for everybody, but there are a few reasons that committing to the extra expense makes sense.

The first and most obvious fit for these machines is a commercial kitchen. But these are not the only kitchens that should enjoy unmatched customization options, food freshness, and lifespan.

Anyone with the need or desire for fully integrated (even hidden) appliance options would benefit from a Sub Zero machine. Those with freshness concerns should also look into purchasing one of these refrigerators.

That could include families with clean-eating dietary restrictions or habits, high-end wine collectors, or farm-to-table enthusiasts in search of the freshest ingredients.

Are They Worth It?

The short answer is yes, Sub Zero refrigerators can be worth the expense. If you have individual needs that can be best met with the innovations and quality of these products, you should not hesitate to spend up. If you not, that’s a different story.

Whether you are a Sub Zero owner or you’re considering buying one, visit our blog to read more about how to select, maintain, and get the most out of a Sub Zero refrigerator.

If you are experiencing a problem with your Sub Zero fridge or want to set up a maintenance plan to keep it working at its optimum level at all times, contact HR Appliance. Our team specializes in Sub Zero refrigerator repair.

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