Sub Zero Wine Fridge Troubleshooting and Repair

Sub Zero Wine Fridge Troubleshooting and Repair

Sub Zero Wine Fridge Troubleshooting and When Repair is Needed

Not every wine collector has the ability to add a cellar to their home. A wine cooler serves as a good alternative for keeping wine at the proper temperature and humidity as you age it.

When that cooler stops working, it can be more than inconvenient. It puts your collection at risk!

Even a premium appliance like a Sub-Zero wine fridge runs into trouble on occasion. Fortunately, you can check out some of the more common issues yourself before you call a Sub-Zero refrigerator repair technician.

Easy Steps

Before you even begin checking the fan or compressor, Sub-Zero recommends a few items to take a look at if your unit isn’t getting cool.

  • Make sure your fridge has been on for at least 24 hours
  • Check for error codes or service indicators on the control panel
  • Ensure the setpoint temperatures is between 34 degrees F and 65 degrees F
  • Remove anything that keeps the door from closing

Also remember that adding new wine can raise the temperature in the unit, especially if you put several bottles in at once.

Troubleshooting Your Sub Zero Wine Fridge

Not all issues require a Sub-Zero wine fridge repair call to take care of the problem. Sometimes, you can troubleshoot the issues before you call out a refrigerator repair service like HR Appliance Florida Sub-Zero Repair company.


Dirty condenser coils are a common problem if your unit isn’t cooling properly. They can collect dust and lint so keeping them clean is a basic bit of maintenance for your fridge

Clean the coils once or twice a year by turning the fridge off and removing the kick plate at the bottom of the cooler and exposing the coils. Vacuum the coils with a soft bristle attachment. Replace the kick plate and turn the power back on.

Door Gasket

The gasket seals the door shut on your wine cooler, keeping the cold air from escaping. If the gasket is broken or even overly dirty, the door might not be able to seal.

If it is broken, you will need to have your service replace it. But if the problem is just dirt, you can scrub the gasket down with soap and water then get it thoroughly dry.

Condenser Fan

The fan circulates room-temperature air over your condenser coils to keep them cool. If the fan isn’t working properly, the wine fridge won’t be able to reach the proper temperature.

You can visually inspect whether the fan comes on, but replacing it is a job for a professional.

Temperature Sensor

If the unit is reporting a cooling issue, it might be a sensor failure. The sensors allow the unit to cool different types of wine at ideal temperatures. If you notice higher temperatures on one particular rack or in the fridge as a whole, this could be the reason.

A failed sensor requires professional replacement.

When You Need a Repair

Troubleshooting your Sub-Zero wine fridge can uncover simple issues that might explain why your fridge isn’t cooling properly. A few of these can be avoided with proper maintenance of the appliance, and you might be able to fix yourself. As you work through the checklist here, you might uncover bigger problems that will require a call for a repair.

If you got to this article by searching “Sub-Zero wine cooler repair near me”, you have reached the right place. Our knowledgeable technicians can diagnose the issue with your Sub Zero wine fridge and get you back to cool in no time. 

Contact HR Appliance to schedule your Sub Zero wine fridge service or maintenance today. See the counties with communities we serve below.

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