Sub-Zero Maintenance, Why It's Important!

Sub-Zero Maintenance, Why It’s Important!

Why is Sub-Zero Refrigerator Maintenance Important?

If you own a sub-zero refrigerator, it’s highly recommended to have it regularly serviced and maintained to keep it in good working order. Having a service will allow you to find issues with your fridge before they become severe. 

This article will look at the benefit of sub-zero refrigerator servicing and will tell you how to ensure your fridge has a long lifespan by carrying out maintenance. 

The Benefits of Sub-Zero Maintenance  

  • Refrigerators that are frequently serviced and maintained will last longer than those that aren’t. Your sub-zero fridge requires cleaning and maintenance to allow it to stay in excellent condition and to function correctly. 
  • Sub-zero refrigerators need adequate airflow to work to peak performance. Airflow can be obstructed by dirt, dust, and pet fur, causing the appliance to work insufficiently or fail completely.
  • Sub-zero refrigerators have a built-in air filtration system that helps to prevent foods from going bad. Many foods release a gas known as ethylene, which causes it to wilt and go bad. Your sub-zero refrigerator’s filtration system prevents this from occurring, making food last longer. The filtration will also help to remove mold and bacteria from your fridge and will reduce odors. 
  • Failure to maintain your sub-zero refrigerator can cause it to run excessively, which will mean it’s consuming more power than is necessary, resulting in higher utility bills. 
  • A blocked condenser can also cause the failure of your fridge’s other mechanical components. The coils can become clogged, which will be decreasing your sub-zero fridge efficiency. 
  • During sub-zero maintenance and service, the professionals will check that your sub-zero fridges duel compressors are working effectively. The Sub-zero system has duel compressors, one for the freezer and the other for the refrigerator. These allow food to be kept at the ideal temperature and will also help to prevent food loss.
  • Sub-zero refrigerators have a microprocessor control system that ensures that the compressor unit remains at the optimal temperature. This feature will also notify you if someone leaves the fridge’s door open. The microprocessor also allows you to adjust the refrigerator’s lighting, defrost settings, and cooling fan. 
Sub-Zero Maintenance, Why It's Important!

Signs That Indicate You Should Schedule Service For Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator 

Setting up a sub-zero maintnenance plan will save you time and money in the future. It will also allow you to keep your food fresher, and you’ll have less food waste. Here are some signs to look out for that indicate your sub-zero refrigerator needs some attention. 

  • Excessive moisture on the sub-zero refrigerator’s interior walls or shelves
  • Freezing of food in the fresh food section of your refrigerator. 
  • Food spoiling quickly.
  • Loud or new noises.

It’s recommended that you have your sub-zero refrigerator serviced every six months. This will allow you to save money in the long run as any necessary repairs can be completed before the fridge develops more severe problems or stops working completely.  

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If your sub-zero refrigerator isn’t working correctly think about scheduling sub-zero maintenance or repair if needed. Whether you’re having problems with ice build-up, insufficient cooling, or an ice maker that’s not working, call HR Appliance today at 866-222-2237. 

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