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Sub-Zero High-End Appliance Repair Near Me

Searching High-End Appliance Repair Near Me?

When you purchased your Sub-Zero high-end appliance, you chose to select a premier brand. You wanted to have a kitchen with the best in refrigeration. The investment was real and by no means cheap; therefore, you expect the best in quality and functionality. 

When you Sub-Zero fridge seems not to be working as it should, considering contacting a Sub-Zero high-end appliance repair company is vital. Searching Google for “high-end appliance repair near me” may not always get you the best results. Many companies will state they specialize in high-end appliances; however, they are not specialists in Sub-Zero repair.

Read on to learn about HR Appliance and the reason they are the company to call for your Sub-Zero high-end appliance repair. 

Maintain Warranty

Your high-end luxury appliance likely came with warranty features. You must maintain those warranties for your protection. If you try a DIY fix or hire a repair person who is not well versed in repairing high-end appliances like a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you could be voiding your warranty. 

Sub-Zero has warranties second to none. The warranty can cover up to 12 years for the following parts:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Drier
  • All connecting tubing

For this reason, you want a repair person who won’t eliminate the warranty coverage by not fixing correctly.

Properly Equipped

High-end appliances are refined and well-built pieces of machinery. You bought a Sub-Zero because of food preservation. The microprocessor-controlled system, vacuum seal and air purification keep food at their optimum.

You certainly do not want to hire someone who is not familiar with Sub-Zero’s technology. Sub-Zero refrigeration systems are designed to last years beyond other brands. If the condenser runs too much or your ice maker isn’t making ice, a qualified repair person can get them back to the intended high-performance level.

A repair company that works with Sub-Zero refrigerators will not only have the proper tools; they will also have genuine parts if one is needed.

Sub-Zero High-End Appliance Repair Near Me

Investment and Protection

You carefully chose your appliance. You selected the best in appliances for your home because you appreciate quality. Once you have made that investment, you want to protect it.

Setting up a maintenance plan for your Sub-Zero refrigerator is highly recommended to keep your investment safe and sound.

A high-end and well-maintained appliance will also bring added value to your home when you choose to sell. 

Getting High-End Appliance Repair Near Me

Avoid the Google search for “high-end appliance repair near me” and, instead, look to HR Appliance. We are well versed, highly qualified, and experienced in repairing Sub-Zero refrigerators.

We will care for your luxury brand appliance with care and pour our expertise into getting it working at its optimum level. 

Contact us today to get set up for your Sub-Zero appliance repair.

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