Best Ways to Maximize Your Sub Zero Life Expectancy

Best Ways to Maximize Your Sub Zero Life Expectancy

Ways to Maximize Your Sub Zero Life Expectancy

On average, fridges last around 12 years.

Since the 1950s, Sub-Zero has released various refrigeration products that boast better features and qualities than regular fridges.

The Sub-Zero life expectancy is significantly longer, as long as you enact the necessary Sub-Zero care and attention.

Keep reading to learn how to increase the lifespan of a Sub-Zero refrigerator with the right Sub-Zero maintenance and care.

What Can You Do to Increase the Lifespan of a Sub-Zero Fridge?

How Long Does a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Last? A Sub-Zero refrigerator lifespan is entirely dependent on how it’s cared for. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative craft, a Sub-Zero refrigerator typically lasts 10-13 years.

However, it can last up to 20 years when cared for properly.

There are a few things you can do to increase the life expectancy of your Sub-Zero fridge.

Keep Settings Around Medium

First and foremost, don’t use settings to the maximum. If you can, try to let temperature settings hover around medium.

That way, you won’t overwork your refrigerator.

When you set your fridge’s cooling settings higher, your fridge will work harder. As a result, the fridge’s system will deteriorate faster, which can result in a shorter lifespan.

Keep the External Air Vents Clean

When you keep your Sub-Zero refrigerator’s external air vents clean, you’ll increase its lifespan.

When dirt, hair, and dust get trapped in those vents, it reduces airflow throughout your fridge. Clean air vents ensure proper airflow. Plus, proper airflow means less heat buildup, so your fridge won’t overwork itself.

Don’t Block Internal Vents

It’s crucial to keep the internal vents of your Sub-Zero fridge clean, open, and clear. They’re pivotal in the health of your fridge. When vents get blocked, refrigerators overwork themselves, which causes them to work even harder to maintain specific temperatures. 

It’s important to provide proper air exchange, which can only occur when vents are unblocked.

Sometimes, areas around the internal cooling vents form ice, too. Ice can reduce air exchange as well, which causes the fridge to work harder. If there’s any ice around your internal cooling vents, remove it to increase the lifespan of your Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Give Your Fridge Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is an essential requirement for extending the lifespan of your Sub-Zero refrigerator. Pulling the refrigerator out from the wall and opening it up to try to perform the maintenance yourself may not always be a wise idea, since you may not be an expert in Sub-Zero parts and repair. By troubleshooting the issue incorrectly you can miss the key problem.

Without a proper fix, minor issues can quickly become major ones. Cleaning external vents is something you can easily do on your own, but for regular checkups, it’s best to call a professional Sub-Zero fridge technician.

Increase Your Fridge’s Sub Zero Life Expectancy 

Best Ways to Maximize Your Sub Zero Life Expectancy

Make your Sub-Zero fridge last as long as possible by keeping external and internal vents clean and regularly checking for ice buildup.

Schedule routine checkups, and if you notice any issues, don’t hesitate to call an expert right away.

Are you ready to schedule routine maintenance and have peace of mind that you’re treating your fridge with care and extending its Sub Zero life expectancy? 

Contact us to find out how we can help make your Sub-Zero fridge last as long as possible!

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