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4 Reasons Why Sub Zero Service is Vital

Why Sub-Zero Service is Vital

We all know the importance of a functioning fridge and freezer. Just a minor breakdown can cause quite a bit of stress and put a wrench in our daily lifestyle. Even the most expensive and high-quality appliances, like a Sub Zero, can stop working. As our Sub Zero appliances give us comfort, when they have a problem, so do we.

In this article, we would like to share with you 4 reasons why Sub Zero service is vital.

1. Energy-efficiency

When a home appliance is not working correctly and efficiently, it will consume more energy. Neglecting a malfunctioned appliance is costing you more money every minute. If not repaired in a timely fashion, the result can be a very costly repair or the need to purchase a new refrigerator. And we all know how expensive new Sub Zero refrigerators are.

2. Safety Risk

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Appliances that are malfunctioning can be a safety hazard. Homes can become an unsafe place. Overloaded circuits, wires touching water and other appliance-related malfunctions can pose a serious danger.

3. Health Risk

When refrigerator temperatures fall within the temperature danger zone and food remains within that zone for more than an hour, bacteria begin to grow, and once the bacteria make it to our intestines, it is not such a great feeling. Temperature is one of the most crucial elements in controlling the spread of food-borne illnesses.

4. Costly to Repair

As with most products on the market today, if they are not fixed quickly, the situation can only worsen. The same holds for Sub Zero refrigerators. One day it may be working perfectly, the next not so perfect and the next completely broken down. You were given a warning sign, and if not taken seriously, the damage that has resulted can be more costly to repair. And as we said earlier, if it has gone beyond repair, replacing the fridge with a new Sub Zero will be quite expensive.

Regular Inspections and Checkups

To set up an appointment regarding an existing Sub Zero fridge or freezer problem or to learn more about regular inspections and checkups, contact HR Appliance. See what we provide below.

  • We offer premium service at your home. We respect it as if it was our own and during this unprecedented time, we implement all the necessary COVID-10 precautions.
  • Our technicians are specially trained to work on Sub Zero appliances.
  • We have developed a great reputation with high customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to Reach with 24-hour emergency service.

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