Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators

Comparing Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators

If you’re designing or renovating a kitchen, you may have looked at Sub-Zero refrigerators. These high-end, premium units do much more than keep your food cold. They are made with superior technology and designed to enhance the look of any home.

You may have noticed that there are different types of units. There are Sub-Zero Classic Series refrigerators and Sub-Zero Designer Series refrigerators. What is the difference between the two and which is better for your needs? 

Sub-Zero classic vs designer? This guide will help you decide.

A Primer On Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There’s a reason why Sub-Zero refrigerators are regarded as the finest in the world. Aside from aesthetics, Sub-Zero refrigerators have three essential qualities: temperature control, proper humidity, and purified air.  

Here are some of the other highlights:

  • Anti-microbial air purification system to fight food spoilage & odors
  • Built-in microprocessor to maintain temperature
  • Dual refrigeration system for optimal humidity levels
  • Magnetic door seals to preserve temp & maintain proper humidity
  • Water filtration system for ice dispenser
  • Crispers and drawers in low-temperature, high-humidity zones for freshness

These qualities make Sub-Zero refrigerators desirable in gourmet kitchens everywhere.

Sub-Zero Classic Series Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators - Classic

The Sub-Zero Classic Series fridge is known as the original Sub-Zero. Introduced in the 1950s, a Sub-Zero fridge is the most recognizable premium appliances in the world. The Classic model is the gold standard when it comes to quality, performance, and sheer beauty.

There are two ways to install the fridge. The box can be built into the cabinetry so that the doors protrude slightly. The other option is to leave a one-inch space next to the left hinge so that the doors rotate. With this method, the doors are flush with the cabinetry.

You have several configuration options. You can also choose different finishes, from stainless steel to custom panels that coordinate with cabinetry.

Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators - Designer

A Sub-Zero Designer Series fridge (aka integrated models) retains the same qualities as the Classic series. However, you can be more creative and customize the look of the Designer series. For instance, you can mix-and-match different materials to go with the décor of your kitchen and home. 

Sub-Zero Designer refrigerators are also completely built-in. They blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry. The modern, streamlined finish gives your kitchen a professional look and feel.

There are several configurations available. Integrated models also come with produce and meat drawers that provide lower temperature/higher humidity conditions. 

Enhance Your Kitchen With a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Time to choose a Sub-Zero Classic vs Designer Series Refrigerators

The kitchen is truly the heart of your home. A Sub-Zero refrigerator makes its heartbeat stronger. The only decision to make now is choosing between the Sub-Zero Classic Series refrigerators and Sub-Zero Designer Series refrigerators. We hope this guide will help you choose the right unit.

You may find that your Sub-Zero fridge does need service on occasion. As with any appliance it is also highly recommended to schedule regular maintenance to keep the appliance working at its optimal level at all times. As appliances start to fail, it is best to fix them sooner than later, because the longer the problem exists the worse it can get.

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