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Miami Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

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Super Bowl Weekend!!  What can be worse than watching Tom Brady in another Super Bowl?  Well,it can get worse.  Our Sub Zero Refrigerator in Miami stopped working properly!  The sub zero refrigerator did not cool!  It was time to call for HELP!

sub zero refrigerator miami

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Miami Team from HR Appliance to the rescue!

The Florida Sub Zero Team arrived and diagnosed the problem immediately.  The two compressors were not working and a complete rebuilt would be required.  Other option?  A new sub zero refrigerator replacement for $8,000.00. 

The technician identified the sub zero repair issues and began to rebuilt our compressors.

sub zero refrigerator repair miami
sub zero refrigerator repair miami

Super Bowl weekend and our food was saved!  It took time but the Florida Sub Zero Repair team from HR Appliance saved the day with a professional and honest Sub Zero Repair Diagnosis and Solution!

Contact HR Appliance for service today!

sub zero refrigerator repair miami
sub zero refrigerator repair miami

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service Today!!

If you are set Googling “fridge repair services near me”, you will see a lot of links to large, faceless companies that are too big to take the time to make each client feel special.

HR Appliance Repair, a Miami Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair company, is a family-owned and family-run company, one that understands that each client is worthy of 100% of our time and efforts. No matter what questions or queries you might have, we will make the time for you.

If your fridge breaks down, the last thing you want is for a company to come, tell you it cannot be repaired, and leave, especially after you just paid them for their service. Now you must search again for another Sub Zero fridge repairs which can be quite costly.

At HR Appliance, a Miami Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair, we perform a thorough and detailed service on-site where we can fix most problems due to our knowledge and experience and we have the tools and parts to do it.

No Wait Times for You on your Miami Sub Zero Repair

As mentioned above, your refrigerator is truly an essential item. If it breaks down, every day that you have to wait for repairs is a day where your lifestyle is affected.

We are committed to ensuring that you do not have to wait one second more than it is necessary to get your fridge fixed. When you have a fridge problem, we will be there quicker than anybody else.

You Are Our Top Priority

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