Why Choose The Finest Coral Gables Sub Zero Repair

Why Choose The Finest Coral Gables Sub Zero Repair

Coral Gables Sub Zero Repair

Many Coral Gables residents enjoy the high-quality cooling and freezing capabilities of a sub-zero refrigerator. Unlike lesser appliances, these luxury freezer-refrigerators are built to last. But when they do break, they can be quite expensive to replace. Instead of buying a new one, save yourself time, money, and effort by calling the best choice in Coral Gables sub-zero repair. 

Best Florida Sub Zero Repair

HR Appliance offers specialized, expert repair services without compare. Our high levels of preparedness, expertise, and years of experience make us the best choice for all your sub-zero repair needs.


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You might count experience in terms of time or volume of work. By either metric, HR Appliance is top-notch; we’ve been serving our communities in South and West Florida for many years. Over that time, we’ve repaired well over 9,000 refrigerators. While anyone can read a manual and buy some replacement parts, nothing replaces the lessons of experience.


Our technicians and support agents place a premium on kindness, attentiveness, and the manners of a proper professional. While you entrust your repairs to us, you’ll feel at ease with our friendly, confident repairmen at the helm. But you’ll have already encountered the professionalism of the HR Appliances brand when you call and arrange your services. 

High Responsiveness

We appreciate the urgency of serious refrigerator malfunctions. Lost food, water leaks, and more can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in losses. From the moment you call us to the point where your sub-zero refrigerator is operating like new, you’ll appreciate the emphasis we place on efficiency. 

Geared For Emergency

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Being fast to respond doesn’t mean much if we’re not prepared to fix your issues just as quickly. However, we’re always ready to tackle emergency repairs. Our specialization in sub-zero repair means that we’re able to keep over 99% of all parts constantly in stock. No matter how specific or obscure the malfunction, we’ll be equipped to tackle it right away. As a result, we can complete emergency repairs within a day of the issue arising in many cases.

Generous Warranties

As a final show of faith in our abilities, we offer generous warranties for all Coral Gables sub zero repair that our technicians perform. Any time you rely on our repair services, you’ll enjoy a one-year warranty on parts and labor. With that kind of assurance, you know that this is one family-owned business that believes in providing great service every time.

Coral Gables Sub Zero Repair

Here at HR Appliance, we’ve proudly served much of the great state of Florida for many years. From Miami and Naples to Coral Gables, sub-zero repair work has one name that stands above the rest. We’re proud to be that name, and we hope your refrigerator stays working for a long time. But if it does ever break down, give us a call at 866-222-2237 or fill out our secure contact form to get in touch. We’ll help diagnose your problem and dispatch a technician to resolve the issue in no time. 

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