Top 4 Reasons to Consider Integrated Refrigerators for Your Commercial Kitchen Space

4 Proven Reasons to Consider Integrated Refrigerators for Your Commercial Kitchen Space

Integrated Refrigerators for Commercial Spaces

Whether you run a kitchen in a hotel or a restaurant, proper refrigeration is the key ingredient for food that’s tasty and safe to eat. When your refrigerator does not work well, you risk spoiled inventory, fines, and sick patrons.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, bacteria causing food-borne illnesses will double every 20 minutes when food is left at room temperature. Foodservice professionals believe that built-in, integrated, and under-counter refrigerators are often the best commercial kitchens options. Here’s why.

Under Counter Fridge Delivers Space-Saving Food Cooling

Commercial kitchens turn into high-pressure places during meal hours. Food preparation areas are limited in size, and workers must move around carefully to avoid accidents. Built-in fridges sit flush with kitchen cabinets streamlining foot traffic in the space.

Under the counter, fridges make great use of kitchen space and are often designed to look like part of the kitchen’s cabinetry. Foodservice staff members prepare foods for cooking even faster when kitchens are clear of obstructing appliances. Besides more efficient and safe kitchen operations, these appliances give commercial kitchen spaces a cleaner, more orderly look.

Integrated Refrigerators Offer High-Storage Capacity

One of the restaurant manager’s worst nightmares is running out of food before the end of the workday. Another is running out of space to receive food that he or she has already ordered. Foodservice operators in restaurants, cafeterias, and public institutions use integrated fridges to store large amounts of food safely.

When you choose a commercial refrigeration system, you’ll want one that has enough capacity to meet your organization’s needs, and that’s energy-efficient. Your stored food is kept fresh and ready to serve to patrons throughout the day with integrated fridges.

Built-In Refrigerators Provide Better Food Organization

While reality television show hosts fascinate the public by revealing poor restaurant practices behind the scenes, tainted food is nothing to take lightly. When a kitchen has a large refrigerator that’s stuffed with food in various preparation stages, it’s easy for food service workers to overlook expired or spoiled items.

Many built-in refrigerators come with customizable shelves for better food storage management. The clear shelves and drawers in those refrigerators allow you to see items that you have, ingredients that you must reorder, and food waste that you need to throw into the compost pile. With these commercial refrigeration solutions, you’ll save money by only reordering items that you really need, and you’ll protect your brand’s good reputation by only serving safe foods.

Modern Integrated Refrigerators Offer Special Features for Commercial Kitchens

While some foodservice operators need only standard integrated fridges for their businesses, you may require special features to make your operations run more smoothly. Some manufacturers offer built-in refrigerators with zone temperature controls. These cooling systems allow you to keep produce, meats, and dairy items at ideal temperatures in separate refrigerated compartments.

Some built-in refrigerator models have integrated thermometer and alarm systems that alert foodservice operators of changes in temperatures. This is an excellent way for small businesses that don’t have automated backup generators to counter the risk of spoiled food during power outages. One of the most significant risks that today’s restaurant owners face is food theft. Many manufacturers offer built-in refrigerators that come with locks to stop unauthorized persons from accessing expensive food items.


When considering a new commercial refrigeration system such as integrated refrigerators, you’ll want to choose a manufacturer that’s a market leader for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Choose brands that are backed by innovative manufacturing practices, quality materials, and generous warranties.

Are you a commercial business owner of a restaurant? Have you chosen a Sub-Zero for full-size refrigeration with customizable designs and sizes? If you have you made the right choice. However, no matter how high the quality or the luxury of the appliance is, it’s essential to know that all things are not immune to problems.

Need Service or Repair?

If you need service and repair for your Sub-Zero commercial refrigerator or would like to set up a maintenance plan to keep your fridge working at its optimal level at all times, call HR Appliance today. We are experts in the Sub-Zero repair industry. We certainly know the importance of a restaurant owner’s need for food to be kept safe and unspoiled at all times.

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Top 4 Reasons to Consider Integrated Refrigerators for Your Commercial Kitchen Space

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